Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Women Don't Want in a Guy!

If you asked me what women want, this article would never end (ha ha, just kidding ladies). So I'm going to tell you some of the things they don't want. Meeting and getting to know women can be a tricky thing for men. Knowing what they're not looking for can keep you ahead of the game. Women want a masculine man, not to be confused with a cocky jerk. In this article I will try to shed some light on this confusing subject.

Why do some guys seem to have all the luck and others struggle to gain an inch. It's all about your approach and knowing what women want (or don't want). Women need to sense a man with some sort of passion. Passions are a great thing to talk about. Think about it, how confident do you feel when you're talking about something you truly care about. Women can sense that energy and feed off of it. Try it next time your with a female. I bet it goes over much better than any of the small talk you are used to.

Many men try the nice guy approach with women. This personality is adopted when you hope to prove how good you could be for a woman. This is not what women want. Other guys try the opposite end of the spectrum (being a jerk). This is not what women want either. Women want to see you shine forth your best qualities. Establish in a womans mind that you're dominant, powerful, and secure in your values and she will respect that. You will come of as genuine and not fake.

Women want a man with a strong character and passion! There is some great information out there on attracting the perfect mate. These are a few pointers that should help you get started. Be that man you envy with all the hot women by knowing what they don't want.

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Joseph Grass is considered an expert in the fields of developing lasting relationships and understanding the opposite sex.

Joseph Grass is a highly respected author with over 100,000 published views.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How to Approach Women - The Surefire Proven Methods to Approaching Any Woman You Want Confidently

There are many men that have lost their way when it comes to this game we call dating. A lot has changed since the days of courting with letters and finding your true love in high school. There are many more people that are single at an older age that could use some advice on how to approach women. Here are a few tips to help you get the date that you are after.

The main reason that most men have become so horrible and afraid to approach women is because of the added pressures that society has put on dating. Now men think they have to have a specific type of job, car, and have to look a certain way or they just won't have a chance. This is just not true and any man, regardless of looks or salary, can have just about any woman if he knows the secrets.

Now, before we go into a few tips on approaching women you should know that having the knowledge to know what to do after you approach a woman and to know what to do in the relationship itself, if that is what you desire, is also important. There is a website that will be at the bottom of this article that will give you all the secrets you will need to get the woman of your dreams either in a long term relationship or just in bed for the night. It is worth taking a few minutes to check it out.

Okay now for a quick few tips that will help you approach women with more confidence than you thought possible....

First you need to walk up to her very casually and naturally. You should already have it in your mind that the conversation you are going to have with her is just going to be a fun few minutes and will not lead to anything. This is exactly what she will be thinking, which will make her much more comfortable with you.

Next, you need to get her to laugh or at least smile. Just have a natural conversation and at some point this will happen. When this happens ask for her number and thank her for the conversation. Then, simply walk away without looking back. This will leave her curious for more, which is a good start when you call her later.

Now there is definitely much more to the process of approaching a woman and dating. It cannot all be taught in an article, but we have already got the number for you.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Attract and Date Beautiful Women - Stop Chasing Women and Make Them Chase You!

What if you could attract whomever you desired? With the right tactics women will come to you, and you will no longer need to chase them. Women can't help being attracted to a certain type of guy by the way they present themselves. If you can figure out what makes the girl tick, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Sound interesting? It is! Every man should learn this.

The great thing about seducing women is they are controlled by there emotions. The conscious part of their brain might be telling them the guy is a jerk, but there emotional side or subconscious mind is where there attraction lies and they cannot deny it. Which is why they are often attracted to bad boys, because they seem exciting. This does not mean you have to be a so called bad boy. You just need to understand what excites women.

There is a common misconception among men that you have to be good looking or have a lot of money to attract beautiful women and that is simply not the case. Money and looks play a small role in attracting women. Your character and how you present yourself is much more important.

There is some absolutely great information out there on how to attract any woman. They are much cheaper than attraction seminars and often offer a money back guarantee. I've seen many different attraction guides out there and none of them are as complete and fool proof as the one I indicate below...happy hunting!

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Joseph Grass is considered an expert an in the fields of human relationships and attracting the opposite sex.

Joseph Grass is a highly respected author with over 100,000 published views.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seeking Dating - I'm Successful and Single So Why is it So Hard to Find Quality Singles?

By all accounts you're one of the successful people. You have it all, except for that special someone in your life and you're wondering why it's so hard to find any quality singles. You've searched high and low, near and far, but you haven't hit the jackpot yet. By now, you must be wondering where you went wrong or if there even are any other quality singles out there.

Like most people, you're probably very selective in the type of single person you would like to meet. Your expectations are high and that's a good thing; after all, you see yourself as a good catch so why shouldn't your significant other be one as well. You're ambitious and goal oriented; in fact, those are the qualities that brought you to your present place of success. You know what you want and you won't settle for second best.

The problem lies in the fact that you cannot find any quality singles that you would even entertain the thought of dating. Maybe you've tried dating a friend of a friend of a friend or the online dating scene or waiting for that chance meeting with destiny. You really need to mix and mingle with other like-minded successful singles, in a venue where your specific qualities are valued as highly as you value them and where you won't be disappointed in the results. One approach would be to get involved in a social networking group geared for young, hip, ambitious professionals. In this type of environment, you are bound to meet many great personalities and like-minded individuals who meet your standards and you'll meet theirs.

In today's society, we've been conditioned to believe that the right person is just going to walk into our lives and we do not have to do anything to make that happen. The chances of that fairy tale romance happening without any help are slim. Many successful singles rely on chance encounters instead of taking the reigns and seeking out their special someone with more sophisticated measures, such as a professional matchmaker.

If you place value in finding the right person, then the path you take towards that goal should also hold high value for you as well. One pathway of value as previously mentioned is a matchmaker. This person will assess your strengths and weaknesses and expertly match you with someone extremely compatible to you who meets your standards and may even exceed them. This is a sophisticated approach for a successful person such as yourself. In your profession, you utilize skillful analysis to solve complex situations and you bring all of your expertise to the table to get the job done. Similarly, such a professional matchmaker will bring the same skills to your situation and bring you results.

Assess your needs and wants and then evaluate the most prudent pathway toward finding your significant other. No matter which road you chose, as the successful person that you are, you will find the way; you always do. It's in your nature to succeed and this test will be no different.

Allen Tane is an experienced writer on the professional singles market and dating seeking industry. He has been writing for quite a while and has had countless articles published. Some of Allen's most favorite topics to write on include single professionals over 30, mature professional singles, relationships, and matchmaking. Allen's articles are well written and memorable. They are especially great for anyone looking to start dating and still keep up with their daily activities.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Flirt With Any Girl Easily - 3 Mind Blowing Flirting Tips Every Guy Must Be Aware Of

Flirting is a fun way to meet up with girls and make new friends that could even proceed beyond friendship. Being shy will not help you much since you will need to project yourself a bit aggressively if you want to get noticed in a crowd. Here are 3 tips on how to flirt with any girl easily....

Tip #1 - Dress to thrill. Girls like guys that are dressed smartly. Shabby clothes and an unshaven face will create a dowdy first impression and will not even allow you to make your first move. So dress to thrill, act confidently and walk with a swagger to create a lasting first impression. Do not forget to use the right perfume or deodorant, and wear the latest accessories to go with those smart clothes. An entry with panache could draw attention towards you quickly.

Tip #2 - Give them an eye. Instead of staring at girls like a dog staring lovingly at a bone, make sure that your eyes linger for a short moment on each girl before looking away. Look cool as you execute this move so that you do not end up offending any girl but instead impressing them. Remember to look into the girl's eyes before pulling your glance away. A slight smile will also work wonders.

Tip #3 - Make each girl feel like a princess. Treat each girl by turning on your charm at full blast. Make each girl feel special and remember to treat her as a princess. Shower girls with gifts after learning their likes and dislikes. This will make each girl feel that she is the only one. If your budget is limited then a single rose or trinkets in the form of trendy earrings can also do the job equally well. However, if your budget is unlimited then you can actually treat each girl as a princess.

These 3 tips will make you an instant hero in the eyes of the girls. They will get impressed by your suave looks, trendy tastes and your ability to treat them as special individuals.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Get Any Girl Attracted to You - Be the Ultimate Girl Magnet No Girl Can Ever Resist

There are numerous reasons for a girl to get attracted to you. One cannot categorize though that these qualities and characteristics alone appeal to girls. And while there are no predetermined requisites for a girl to be attracted to you, certain broad characteristics will certainly attract any girl to you....

Be your natural self-

The most important thing about you is the honesty you display. Just because a woman would like a rich man around should not lead you to act falsely to give her the impression that you are rich when you aren't. It's best to be yourself and take pride in that rather than claim to be what you're not. But you could let her know that you're striving to be like 'Bill Gates' one day. That will prove your ambitious nature to strive towards higher goals.

Be gentle and considerate-

Don't be pushy and aggressive. Some girl just might be watching you. Being gentle will certainly catch the attention of all girls. They will see how considerate and concerned you are with your buddies and others around. They will feel assured that you are the kind of guy they would like to be with. They know that if something develops of this acquaintance with you, then they can look forward to spending a lifetime with a man who will always be good to them.

An all round personality-

Intelligence is something that gets noticed easily. Yet no girl is attracted to someone who is glued to studies alone. You should show interest in sports or music or something creative which proves your right brain activity. You may not be expected to be an enthusiast of all activities, but showing your inclination towards more subjects will hold the rapt attention of a girl. Your good manners and behavior will also catch a girl's attention. Be courteous and respectful to her. That will help her relax in your company and feel drawn towards you.

With these qualities you're sure to attract the one girl to whom you're inclined.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

How to Be a Master Seducer - Three Secrets of Seduction Nobody Told You About

Do you want the skills to seduce any woman you desire? If you are serious about becoming a master seducer, there are three things you MUST know about. Interested? Then read on...

How To Be A Master Seducer

1. Charisma...

Master seducers have a certain charisma about them. They are able to walk into a room and instantly draw the attention of all the women. Charisma is a combination of things. It is how you move, how you dress, your smile, and how you speak.

You need to develop a charismatic style. One that raises the level of every conversation. In other words, you cannot be a mere addition to the conversation. When you join in, you need to raise the energy level of everyone around you. Once you do this, the group will want you to stay. Because if you leave, it means the feel good emotions that you brought will leave as well.

Can you see the power of this?

2. Your Voice...

There are a lot of men who viciously defend their opinion that a man's voice has not effect on what a woman thinks about him. These are usually the same men who have the high pitched voices and sound worse than nails on a chalk board!

Your voice tonality matters much more than you think. A deeper voice represents high levels of testosterone in a man. Women are instinctively attracted to men with high testosterone as part of their evolutionary make up.

If you have a high pitched voice, stop lying to yourself. Do some vocal exercises and you will have a lower voice in no time.

3. Smile...

This one is very hard to explain, but it makes a MONUMENTAL difference in how women see you.

Your smile should light up a room. It should not always be on your face either, or you will risk looking like a goof.

This is going to take some practise, but over time you will gain intuition as to when to flash that smile when the women are all looking.

Work on these three things, and your seduction will improve tenfold.

And Remember...

You do NOT want to be one of the MILLIONS of men who completely RUINS his chances with a woman before he even OPENS his mouth. Research has proven repeatedly that 93% of communication is conveyed through body language. Master the magical art of making her quiver with only your body language...and you will NEVER have to worry about her even THINKING about rejecting you...that much I know for sure...

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